1994 (26)

  Stena Sea Lynx II Bahamas Ferry 1996 Carat CFC-8
  Zhong He China Containership.With Container Load 1994 Bille 113
  Dole Europa (America maybe) Costa Rica Refrigerated Vessel 1994 Bille BS-3
  Crown of Scandinavia Denmark Ferry Carat 35
  Finnhansa Finland Roll On-Roll Off - RORO Ship 1994 Rhenania RFR-4a
  Contship Singapore Germany Containership 1994 Kelm 9c
  MV Hyundai Longview Germany Containership 1994 Hansa 10433
  Nordpartner Germany Containership 1994 Hansa 10430
  Contship Italy (MK 9d) Germany Containership.With Container Load 1994 Bille 122
  Contship Singapore (MK 9c) Germany Containership.With Container Load 1994 Bille 121
  Fairplay XII Germany Tug 2012 Hydra 128
  Galana Kenya Landing Ship 1994 Rhenania Junior RJN-101
  Puteri Intan Malaysia Liquefied Gas Tanker 1994 Welt der Schiffsminiaturen HL LI-75a
  Frank Bonefaas Netherlands Fishing Vessel 1994 Sextant 203
  Lady M Netherlands Yacht 1994 Sextant 247
  Vargoy Norway Ferry 1998 Hydra Ku-Mo-18
  Oksoy Norway Minesweeper 1994 Rhenania Junior RJN-1
  Nordlys Norway Passenger 2010 Risawoleska 332b
  Impulsive Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Yacht 1994 Hydra 181
  Sewol South Korea Ferry 2014 Hydra 164
  Athena Sweden Ferry 1994 Carat CFC-26
  Romandie Switzerland Oil-Bulk-Ore Freighter 1994 Optatus S-X-1
  Shahamah United Arab Emirates Liquefied Gas Tanker 1994 Classic Ship Collection 33
  Dexterous MCM13 United States Minesweeper 1994 Argos 48a
  Charlotte SSN 766 with AS DS United States Submarine 1994 Argos 73c
  Nathaneal Greene United States Tug 1994 Seavee SVX-32